Seattle Coffee Radar

Sep 28 2019

Yesterday I launched my new site, Seattle Coffee Radar. And by launch, I mean posting on Reddit about it.

The site has one purpose: showing you the latest single-origin coffees available in the Seattle area.

I built the site mainly for myself. I brew my own coffee every morning (with God's chosen instrument, the French Press), and use whole-bean, recently-roasted coffee. Since Seattle has such a wealth of star-quality roasteries, I prefer to buy local instead of ordering online.

I stick mainly to single-origins to keep things novel. I've never bought the same bean twice. With the terroir of single-origin coffee, moving from blends feels like moving from a two-dimensional world into 3D.

When my current beans are running low, there's a question looming: what do I buy next? I built Seattle Coffee Radar to help me find the answer.

And I hope it can help you too!